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Jonas Salk Elementary School is a new school in Mira Mesa, California. All of our fundraisers work ensure that each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential at Jonas Salk ES. We are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment while offering innovative programs and modern resources. Our students' success depends on receiving support from our community.
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  • Mattress Makers donated "Stay cool! From Mattress Makers" - via Jonas Salk Elementary
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  • Monica Frazier donated "This donation is for Jacob and Emily Hereford!" - via
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  • Agency for Student Health Research donated "Happy to support safe physical activity!" - via Jonas Salk Elementary
  • Room 503 donated - via Jonas Salk Elementary
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  • Nhan Pham donated "TEAM MATIX! STAY COOL GUYS!" - via Jonas Salk Elementary
  • Debbie Campbell donated "Keep cool! 🍎😎" - via Deidre Hardson
  • jane friedman donated "I was happy to contribute to this great project. jane friedman" - via Deidre Hardson
  • R Pryor donated "please give Abby Pryor's classroom credit"
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